We have specifically developed our Sign Web Marketing Package to include the most vital services that will help your sign company reach more customers online. All services listed in the SWM Package (Website Design, SEO, Social, and Analytics/Reports) are included in the package and will be provided.

Sign Web Marketing Services

Website Design

  • Professionally Designed Website

    SWM will incorporate your branding (logos and colors), content, and images into a professional website that is modern, user-friendly, and built to convert visitors into customers.

  • Mobile Friendly Design

    Our sites utilize responsive website design standards, which is the most cutting-edge mobile web design solution and the recommended method by Google. Your website will be coded to respond and format correctly on any device and screen size, including desktop, table, and mobile.

  • Content Creation

    A SWM content strategist will help you develop the content for your website. We understand the sign industry and the type of content that your customers are looking for and strongly influence our customers to have content and pages about every sign-type they produce, their services, the markets/segments that they serve, etc. This process includes a phone interview with your SWM content strategist where your content strategist will aim to understand your business and the services you provide. Once the phone interview is complete, your content strategist will develop your unique website content using the information from the phone interview.

  • Interactive Forms

    The goal of a successful web marketing campaign is to produce more business. Our sites incorporate interactive contact forms in order to capture the information of potential customers that visit your website and are interested in your services. When a form is completed, you will receive an email in real-time with the customer’s information that you can then follow up with to close the deal.

  • Image Galleries

    We understand the sign industry and what your customers will be looking for when visiting your website. That is why we have developed a seamless gallery system that will allow you to maintain your project portfolio and feed pictures of specific signs to a gallery/portfolio page, as well as to pages that specifically address the sign-type or customer-type.

  • Easy Updates

    Our sites are built using an industry leading content management system (CMS) that will allow you and your team to easily update and maintain your website. We build the back-end of this system to make your job of maintaining your website as easy as possible. Also, every SWM client will receive a complementary training session and on-going support to help you best understand and maintain your website.

  • Website Support

    SWM is always here to answer questions and provide support and updates to your website. We will always answer inquiries within one business day and provide a turn-around for your requested website updates.

  • Unlimited Pages

    We do not limited the number of pages for your website. On your initial set-up, we will create all requested pages, as well as the CMS system that makes it very easy to add new pages on the fly.

  • Blog

    We make blogging a breeze. Our websites include blogging capability, which allows you to create and publish posts that will keep your website and customers current on your business.

  • Website Hosting

    SWM will host your website using premium hosting to ensure speed and security.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Local SEO

    Your SWM web marketing strategist will verify all of your local listings across all of the most relevant local citation sources. This will ensure that your company’s information is consistent and properly verified for your local market(s). We will incorporate proper local SEO standards for your local listings and will ensure that you do not have any duplicate or incorrect listings. This service will continue after the initial verification process to ensure that your local listing portfolio remains clean and without duplicate profiles.

  • On-Page SEO

    We will optimize your website’s content to properly target keywords that will drive your website more traffic from customers in your market.

  • Off-Page SEO

    Your SWM web marketing strategist will work directly with you to conduct link building on a regular basis to ensure that your website develops a high domain authority and solid link portfolio, which will allow you to out rank your competition.

Social Media

  • Social Profiles

    We will create or optimize your Social Media profiles to follow best content and design practices.

  • Post Creation

    We will create posts for your Social media profiles that are specific to the sign industry, relevant to your customers and timely.

  • Post Publishing

    We will publish on your Social media profiles every two weeks to ensure your profiles are up-to-date with relevant content.

Analytics & Reporting

  • Monthly Reporting

    SWM will provide monthly reports that include your site’s traffic numbers and rankings for your target keywords.

  • Analytics Data

    We use analytics to track your site’s traffic numbers, as well as a plethora of data that will help us determine the success of your website and how we can continue to improve your web marketing campaign.

  • Goal Tracking

    We will develop goals for your website (e.g.: lead form submissions, contact page visits, etc.) and include the number of time each goal was completed each month.

  • Lead Sheet

    We will include a list of all leads and the contact information for those leads that were generated through your website.

  • Rankings

    We will track and report on the rankings of your target keywords in order to show improvements in your local rankings.

Additional Services

Google AdWords

  • Campaign Set Up

    SWM will set up your Google Adwords account and will build your initial campaign to target keywords that have proven to convert visitors into leads for your target geographic areas.

  • Campaign Management

    We will continue to improve your campaign by analyzing your traffic data to determine the best bidding strategies for your campaign.

Facebook Ads

  • Campaign Set Up

    SWM will set up your Facebook Ads account and will build your initial campaign to target individuals that are in your target marketing and have proven to convert into leads for your target geographic areas.

  • Campaign Management

    We will continue to improve your campaign by analyzing your traffic data to determine the best targeting strategies for your campaign.

Custom Website Development

  • Custom Website Design

    SWM has the ability to develop custom website through our parent company,

  • Custom Application Development

    SWM has the ability to develop custom web applications through our parent company,